• the Old School Retainers

    the Old School Retainers
    the Old School Retainers

    What's that on your teeth ah?? I thought you remove your braces already?? 🤣

    I took out my braces after 1.4yrs ✨ I did mine at Joy Dental Centre, Canberra. (Highly recommend their services but it is pricey.. 😗 but it's worth because the orthodontist & staff there are all professional and great ✨) I didn't expect such a fast process. Truth be told – I was dreading to remove my braces 😭 I thought braces were really cute, and I had a smooth journey with it. No extractions, no cuts etc.

    Moving on – Why I decided the Hawley Retainers! Logically speaking, only need wear for 24hours for 3 months – so I didn't mind the metal band being seen, because after 3 months – just need to wear at night 🤭

    ✅ Maintenance, I saw the clear aligners, there are a lot of edges, and spaces that require scrubbing. For the Hawley Retainers, I think it's pretty easy to clean 🧼 because less surface area or like hard to reach spots as compared to clear retainers

    ✅ Durability, My orthodontist shared that the Hawley Retainers last about 5-6 years, whereas clear retainers sometimes they can crack within 3 years etc.

    ✅ Easy to remove, don't need any tools!

    ✅ Can be Adjusted, I saw that actually since it's a metal wire, the orthodontist can make changes to it if needed.

    ❌ Can be seen, everyone is gonna keep asking you what's the metal wire for 🫣

    My experience so far…

    ✨ Comfortable, easy to slip on, and easy to remove!

    ✨ Suck in your saliva before removing (really helps to avoid the extra droll that will come out when you remove your retainers)

    ✨ Pronunciation for the first two weeks, will be rough. You'll definitely have a lisp 🗣️

    ✨ Very rare for food to get stuck on it, so I'm really glad

    My friends recommended it, so I too would recommend it 🙏🏼 All in all, do your own research! but I'm also considering to get another pair of retainers (clear retainers) in the future ☺️


    So cute uh my dentist put my name so I can identify my top and bottom retainers 😗